The new Crux Reservoir takes hydration to your highest peaks.
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Ski & Snow Hydration Packs
Our winter hydration packs feature the new Crux reservoir. The Crux delivers 20% more water per sip, with an ergonomic handle for painless refilling, and an on/off lever that makes it easy to prevent leaks. Our therminator harness helps protect the reservoir from freezing temperatures so you can hydrate on your rides down the slope.

Therminator Harness

The therminator harness zips your drinking tube into an insulated sleeve to protect it from the elements and keep your water flowing in freezing temperatures.


Our new CRUX reservoirs deliver 20% more water with every sip in a package loaded with the latest in hydration technology. Now, you can enjoy longer days and rides on the mountain.

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Nate's Top Pack
Phantom™ LR 24
Ski & Snow
It’s not just the weight of your pack—it’s how you carry it. The Phantom 24 LR™ features a Crux lumbar reservoir that keeps water weight low and close to your back. That means more stability and a smoother ride through changing snow conditions and rough, moguled terrain—all in a pack that offers 3 liters of hydration and an insulated drink tube that won’t freeze in chilly weather. This year, CamelBak has updated the pack with more storage capacity and a new Crux reservoir that delivers 20% more water with every sip. When you’re loading up for a full day on the mountain, the Phantom is designed to easily carry your skis or snowboard, helmet, shovel and goggles (the pack includes a fleece-lined pocket to keep them from getting scratched). There’s also a separate compartment for storing your wet gear, and dedicated gear pockets that keep your avalanche tools organized and accessible. The load-bearing waist belt features extra storage pockets for keeping your essentials close at hand, and the Phantom’s extra-large zipper pulls make it easy to open the pack when your gloves are on.
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The Phantom is my go-to pack for slack country laps, and half day missions. Its clean and simple design make for a super comfortable package, with just the right features.
Nate Greenberg
Ski Mountaineering