Get Excited. Get prepping.

The music festival experience is like no other—and it takes a certain commitment to roll with everything a big weekend can throw at you. From the moment you buy the ticket to the long car ride home, we’re here to offer tips, tricks, and ideas from 15+ years attending some of the world’s biggest events.

  • Weather Watching: Keep an eye on the 10-day schedule ahead of your trip. While the weather might change, you can at least get a good idea of the heat, humidity—and possibly rain—you may face. It might help you decide on packing that extra sunscreen, towels, or even an extra jug of water for cleaning feet.
  • Get the Alerts: Check out the official festival apps and be sure to allow push notifications and/or texting alerts. It may seem like you’re signing up for general info and marketing, but it can be crucial for big emergencies or delays (for example, see Governor’s Ball this year, who first delayed and then canceled their entire third day due to thunderstorms; or when Mumford and Sons had to cancel their Bonnaroo appearance due to illness and an entire replacement headliner was announced last minute).
  • Give the Map a Chance: Spend a minute checking out where the stages are and the locations of the free water spots where you can refill on your way to another band.
  • Obsess Over the Schedule: Spend some time building your schedule and note where you have big conflicts—and then look back at that map to make sure you don’t have to hoof it across the entire grounds between each band.
  • Join the Clubs: There are long-standing communities online who have been heading to these festivals for years. They have millions of posts that can help you with any question you have—chances are someone’s already asked it! Plus many schedule their own fun mini-events and meet-ups that can help you expand your squad or find rides!
  • Being a Little Different Goes a Long Way: Pick out some headwear or something you can use as an identifier. It may be the best way to get together in a crowd—and spot yourself in the videos after the weekend!
  • Pool Your Photo Resources: Make an album you can all contribute to, noting the hashtags the festival is using.


With a festival in full swing, it’s about maintaining that good mood in the face of sometimes-brutal weather.

  • Keep Watching the Weather: Make your morning routine include taking a look at the hour-by-hour weather prediction with sites like Dark Sky, to help you plan and prepare for the day ahead (and to help you know what you should take into the festival grounds).
  • Stay Hydrated: The number one way to ruin your weekend is to not drink enough water—stay hydrated by sipping on water you smartly brought along in hydration packs or re-usable bottles.
  • Versatile Bandanas: Two bandanas can help—use one for wetting at the water stations to keep cool, while the other can cover your mouth in case of dust.
  • Be Ready For Surprises: Don’t over-plan or get bent out of shape when your schedule doesn’t go your way—be sure to just wander and experience everything the festival has to offer.


The trip home is a time for reflection and for many in the car, probably napping.

  • Festies, Roll Out: Getting up and out early may sound insane, but chances are you won’t be able to sleep in very long with the sounds of people leaving around you (it’s a special post-apocalyptic sight to crawl out of your tent to see a wasteland of empty field). Be a good neighbor and help clean up your trash and recycling; don’t overthink packing, just get it into the car.
  • Smothered and Covered: May we suggest a stop at Wafflehouse for a big meal on your way back?
  • Check for Time Zones: You might have crossed one, so don’t be too mad you just lost another hour.
  • Homefires: When you get back, catch up on your sleep– but not before hanging those tarps and tents outside to air out
  • Look Ahead: Get on the mailing list, which can give you a heads up for early-bird tickets for next year!

We hope these tips have been helpful! CamelBak wishes you a fun and hydrated festival season!

Women drink from reusable bottles at outdoor music festival.
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