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The CamelBak Proto Team is a collection of top mountain bike riders throughout the country. They play pivotal roles in local riding communities and share a life-long passion for charging down trails. Most Proto Team Riders have made the bike industry their career; whether that’s working at local shops or advocating for trail access through regional grassroots organizations. They inspire other riders, test CamelBak gear and ride hard.

Throughout the United States, CamelBak Proto Team Riders can be found at the starting lines of the toughest local races. They know the best trails to ride in every season and possess enormous talent and heart. 

Monty Henry of Moab, Utah is a quintessential Proto Team Rider. For the past 20 years, Monty has wrenched on bikes and shared his passion to ride with beginners and professionals alike. 

This is his story.

Proto Team member biking over rock cliff.
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I’ve never made a lot of money being in the bike industry. It’s always been a labor of love.
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Monty henry
Moab, Utah

Special Thanks

We’d like to extend a very special thanks to Monty Henry and the whole crew at Chile Pepper Bike Shop in Moab, Utah. They were gracious hosts and even allowed us to film the Saturday morning rush!

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Proto Team member riding on canyon cliff edge.
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Proto Team Rider: Monty Henry

20 years of dirt and grease