Meet Siobhan

Everyone remembers their first race. It makes a vivid impact on each rider's relationship to the sport for years to come. Whether you bonked hard, crashed out, crushed it, or just surprised yourself with a solid performance, an endurance race will undoubtedly test your mental resolve and physical stamina.

Siobhan Baloochi has been in the saddle for years, but has yet to take on the challenge of a long distance gravel race. Rebecca's Private Idaho, in the sagebrush strewn high country of Idaho proved to be quite the challenge. 

Hosted by its namesake, CamelBak Athlete Rebecca Rusch, Rebecca's Private Idaho offers a unique gravel riding experience, chocked full of events, activities and camaraderie. Get a taste for it here and follow Siobhan as she faces challenges yet pedals on with grit and determination. We present to you, Gravel Less Traveled.  
Rebecca with white helmet rides toward the camera during race on dirt road.
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Gravel Less Traveled

Race setup downtown.

Rebecca riding on paved road near forest, aerial view.

Rebecca Rides Through Mountainside on Cloudy Day.

Rebecca rides on gravel path toward camera, view from the ground.

Bikers on the road, view from above looking down.
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Gravel Less Traveled

CamelBak Proto Team Rider Siobhan Baloochi tackles her first gravel race