Redbull Rampage Mountain Trail, close up of cliff.
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22 Days to Rampage

With Rémy Métallier

The Ultimate EVENT

For those who follow the sport of mountain biking, the Red Bull Rampage has become the highlight event of the year. The Rampage showcases the biggest drops and the sickest tricks in the harsh, remote landscape of Virgin, Utah. What makes the Rampage particularly compelling to watch is the seemingly impossible lines these riders take down steep ridges and across foreboding gaps. There's an added element of surprise to the event, as each rider is responsible for spotting their own descents and making them a reality. Each rider is allowed a small digging crew who work tirelessly for days building kickers and burms.

Bravery is tested at the Rampage and big air is sure to be had by all. It's an extreme event in the most extreme sense. It demands years of honing one's two-wheeled skills and months of body and mind preparation beforehand. These athletes face uncertainty and enormous risk with each lap down the hillside. They mitigate this risk they best they can with endless training and 

CamelBak Athlete, Rémy Métallier, is no newcomer to the Red Bull Rampage. At his home in Whistler, Canada, he takes an engineer's approach to training: varying his routine to isolate and improve specific skill sets. He obsesses over his gear and tweaks every variable to gain the advantage he needs. In his short film, 22 Days to Rampage, Rémy pulls back the curtain on his training regime and shows us all some of the steps he took in order to tackle the terrain and big air of the 2016 Red Bull Rampage. 
22 Days to Rampage, Biker Practices on Ramps at Bike Park.
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22 Days to Rampage

 Rémy Métailler side profile with helmet at Redbull Rampage.

 Rémy Métailler Examining Bike in shop.

Rampage digging crew works on trail in hot sun.

Rémy Métailler on Bike Jump Course.