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Minimalist or gear junkie?

Find the Right Vest for Your Run

Minimalist or gear junkie? No matter how you run, we’ve got your bak.

Choosing a running vest can be tricky—you need to be prepared for bad weather and unexpected detours, but you don’t want to haul extra dead weight. We put together a breakdown that matches your training style to your ideal running gear.

The Minimalist

Your running style: Above all, you want to move light and fast. You're willing to sacrifice a few comforts in the name of efficiency. People have been running for thousands of years; why mess with a good thing?

The best vest for you:…isn’t a vest at all! It’s the Ultra Handheld Chill. This light and comfy handheld still carries enough supplies to fuel your long run. Collapsible flask holds 17 oz of water, with pockets in the front for storing cards, gels and a phone.

Just the Basics

Your running style: It’s a run, not an expedition. You like to keep your packing list simple and sensible: water, layer, phone, keys, and snacks.

The best vest for you: The Circuit. Our best-selling vest carries 2 liters of water for runs of 2 hours or more, with storage compartments that let you access your gear without slowing down.

The Variety Seeker

Your running style: You never know where your next run might take you: from rolling hills to jagged peaks, you like to sample all sorts of runs and terrain, and you want one ultra-versatile pack that suits them all.

The best vest for you: The Ultra Pro. Our most versatile running vest comes with two 17 oz soft flasks, and it’s designed to hold an extra reservoir for ultra-long days. It also features easy-to-reach compartments for your phone, fuel and layers. The breathable mesh harness also makes sure everything stays put, even on the roughest terrain.

The All-Terrain Runner

Your running style: Wind, rain, snow, sleet: you’re prepared for it all. You want a pack that can handle enough gear for runs that last all day, and maybe all night too.

The best vest for you: The Ultra 10. Our most technical running vest is designed to carry enough gear for some of the world’s toughest ultramarathons: water, trekking poles, layers food and more.


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